Mediation Services

Peter Mankin offers services as a neutral mediator for a variety of disputes.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral mediator assists the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of their dispute.

Some of the advantages of mediation are:
  • The parties are directly engaged in the negotiation of a settlement and have control over the process and the outcome.
  • The mediator, as a neutral third party, can view the dispute objectively and can help the parties with exploring alternatives and implementing strategies for settlement.
  • Parties generally save expense by scheduling a mediation at an early stage of the dispute.
  • The mediator can be chosen for his expertise in the subject matter of the dispute to help the parties analyze their position and to achieve creative solutions.
  • A mediator can help deal with highly emotional positions and improve the likelihood of the preservation of business and personal relationships, if desired.
  • A mediation can be very flexible and creative, as compared to a court or arbitration proceeding.
  • A mediation is generally confidential and information disclosed cannot be divulged in later proceedings.

     It is perfectly acceptable for the parties to communicate privately with the mediator before or during the mediation.
     You are encouraged to contact Mr. Mankin for a free consultation regarding a mediation, even if the other side has not yet agreed to mediate.


In my 35 years as a civil litigator, I have become firmly convinced that mediation is an extremely effective process for resolving disputes.
My experience is that mediation is much more efficient and economical than a trial or arbitration.
Court litigation has the distinct disadvantage of being stressful, time-consuming, unpredictable and very expensive. Mediation is not constrained by the strict rules of a court proceeding. It therefore allows for flexible, creative solutions and possible “win-win” results. Clients often get more satisfaction from a successfully negotiated settlement at mediation than from even a “winning” court battle.
As a mediator, I approach each dispute with a strong commitment to serve the interests of the parties and attorneys and to “get the job done.”
Although the “job done” usually takes the form of a settlement, I am also committed to making the process a positive experience.
I treat counsel and clients professionally, with respect, courtesy, and empathy. I am known to be patient, calm, and a good listener. I do not hesitate, however, to “roll up my sleeves” and do the necessary hard work to resolve disputes. I am willing to be “evaluative” if the parties desire. Part of my job is to explore the realities and practicalities of a client’s situation.
When the mediation becomes a negotiation, I can offer perspective and “coaching” to both sides on negotiation strategy. At the appropriate time, I can utilize “mediator’s techniques” that are often effective in breaking an impasse and getting a dispute resolved.
If a mediation does not resolve the dispute in the initial session, I am known to be persistent. I typically schedule follow-ups in the form of telephone conferences and/or further sessions, until all options for settlement have been fully explored. If resolution is not possible, I am able to work with counsel on discovery or other case management issues.

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